Top 11 Best URL Shortener To Make Money [Updated 2023] (2023)

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Making money online has become the most popular way to earn some quick cash. Internet, Apps, and online marketing are everywhere.

However, what is the best way to do it? A beautiful, easy, and fast option shortens URLs. Using an URL Shortening service website is a great idea to gain a few extra bucks only with a click away.

Shortening the long URLs from different websites don’t need any technical skills or to have a blog or website. If the person has a blog, it will become a bonus because the shortened URLs can be posted on that blog or website.

Also, it is a possibility that posts the shortened URLs on social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are various examples. Every click from visitors on the shortened URL will be translated as an income, and the money will be credited to his or her URL shortener account.

In this post, we have featured the ✅Top 11 Best URL Shortener that allow you to make real 💲💲💲💲 in 2023. So, let’s get started.

How does it work?

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Well, when someone clicks on the shortened link, the person receives money. This job is also known as a freelance job because the only thing to do is make traffic to them. However, this online business only can pay as much as $4 or $5 for every 1000 visitors.

This online service is very clever, so it will wait about 5 or 8 seconds (to recognize the “click” or “view”), and then it will be redirected to the original destination link. An advertisement will be released in these 5 seconds.

It is necessary to say that payment is made using well-known favorable platforms such as PayPal. It is really important to know that every URL shortener pays different CPM rates. For example, the distance from a country to another is one of the most relevant topics.

Besides, the form to earn money from an efficient and good URL Shortener website is very interesting. One of these awesome websites can pay to their publisher until $10 for 1000 views.

Their publishers can improve their income using a referral link because they could receive up to 20% commission of their earnings.

So, an URL Shortener seems to be an excellent way to earn a few extra dollars per month. First, the publisher has to share someone else post or article, and that´s it! The key to do this job is to find some of the most popular sites or pages and share all the information there.

News, magazines, music, sports, travel, or fashion websites are the most viral sites to start with. The procedure is simple: use their URL and shorten it with URL Shortener services and share that article, news, trending information, viral images, or videos with the shortened URL.

Social media is a good idea too. Social profiles are a massive way to share information, so publishers can post all kinds of trending things in their profiles. People enjoy reading and searching funny or trending news, and with only a click, publishers can make money.

How to start this business? Well, maybe 11 highest paying URL Shortener to earn money could help.

✅Best URL Shortener Websites to Earn Money 2023

URL ShortenerOfficial Links
PubizaStart Free
MiniURL.ioCheck It Out Now
Oui.ioCheck It Out Now
LinkshirinkCheck It Out Now
Shorte.stCheck It Out Now
Adf.lyCheck It Out Now
DwindlyCheck It Out Now
Al.lyCheck It Out Now
LinkbucksCheck It Out Now
Fas.liCheck It Out Now
Bc.vcCheck It Out Now


Pubiza is one of the best URL shorteners. It is effortless to use Pubiza as you only need to enter your long URL to shorten it. Furthermore, as a Publisher, you can easily earn money by sharing shorten links online.

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Making money with Pubiza is straightforward as compared to the other link shortening services. The following are the few simple stages that you need to follow to make money.

  • Instant url shortning.
  • Share on various platforms.
  • Click on links.
  • Earn money when users clicks the shortened links

This is a well-known URL Shortener to make money online, and the publisher can start with this with just an account on their website. An interesting fact is that MiniURL pays a higher quantity of money. This website pays up to $120 per 10.000 views or visitors.

Top 11 Best URL Shortener To Make Money [Updated 2023] (3)

The publishers have to shorten a link and share that URL on their social media, and just with a received “click” is the signal to start earning money. However, they get paid through PayPal and Bank Transfer in India.

It is the newest and fastest URL Shortener service, and it was created with advanced features and customization options as well. The top of the gains is $8 per 1.000 views.

Top 11 Best URL Shortener To Make Money [Updated 2023] (4)

It is very specific and organized with payments because every 1st or 15th of the month, the publishers get paid.


This is the most popular URL Shortener services, and people can earn from $3 to $10 per 1.000 views with it. Any messages with advertisements could increase the views.

Top 11 Best URL Shortener To Make Money [Updated 2023] (5)

One thing to know from this website is that the minimum payout is $5 through PayPal, Payza, or Bitcoin. Cool, right?

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It is a very trusted URL Shortening Company because it has many creative and originals ways to start making money by monetizing the links that publishers share. provides to their employees the opportunity to have good incomes. The payment is around $5 to $15 per 1.000 views.

Promoting a shortened link is a great way to earn money, and it could be a fantastic idea for students and freelancers.

Every 10th of each month, the money is deposited through PayPal, Payoneer, and Webmoney. WordPress bloggers are used to working with this tool.

This URL Shortener service is the oldest one of all. The performances of each publisher are encouraged by $5 per 1.000 views. But, as any platform like this one is based on the demographics of users.

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Also, this can offer dedicated service and comprehensive reporting for tracking. You can receive your earnings by either PayPal, Payza, or AlertPay.


This URL Shortener provides the chance to earn some money for every view links that the publisher had created. Starting an account is the first step. Then, it is necessary to share the shortened URLs on the internet (social media, YouTube, blogs, and so on), and when a person clicks on that shortened URL, the publisher earns money.

Top 11 Best URL Shortener To Make Money [Updated 2023] (7)

It is an easy job that could be called a “distant job” because it can do it from his or her home. It is a way to combine comfort and responsibility. The most comfortable place to work is at home so that this job could be the dream business of any person.

Also, the publisher can invite other people to Dwindly and earn more income, 20%. The traffic sources are the most important part of this.

🔥🔥 Get Started With Dwindly

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This URL Shortening Service has as a major feature of their referral program. Besides, they can offer 3 different options or account subscriptions to improve traffic online.

Top 11 Best URL Shortener To Make Money [Updated 2023] (8) can pay to their employees from $1 to $10 per 1.000 views, but it depends on what places the visitors are from. It pays through PayPal, Payoneer, or Payza.


Linkbucks is another popular site for shortening URLs. The most attractive part is that they pay $ o.5 to 7$ per 1000 view, but it depends on country to country.

Top 11 Best URL Shortener To Make Money [Updated 2023] (9)

However, this website runs advertisement programs too.

It is the newest URL Shortener Service, and it is a good chance to earn money online without spending any $$$.

Top 11 Best URL Shortener To Make Money [Updated 2023] (10)

With this platform, the person can make until $15 per 1000 views. Starting an account, there is the first step.

This option provides the publisher the opportunity to earn $4 to $10 per 1.000 views through PayPal or Payoneer.

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Top 11 Best URL Shortener To Make Money [Updated 2023] (11)

This is a good URL Shortener Service, and it is one of the most popular on the Internet.

🌟 URL Shortener FAQ

What is a URL Shortener?

A URL Shortener is a software or small tool that takes a long URL and shortens it into a short URL.

What can a URL Shortener do?

If you are shortening your long URL, then it allows you to mask the original web address. But at the same time, it becomes very crucial for you to do link masking properly.

How do URL Shorteners make money?

If you usethe URL ShorteningService, then you can make money online. Sharing the shortened URL allows you to earn money. You can easily share that shortened URL on blogs, forums, websites, and social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

When to use a URL Shortener?

If you are looking to track social media posts or any campaign, you can use the shortened URL because it is fruitful as it sends traffic to your website.

Final Verdict: Best URL Shortener To Make Money In 2023

Those 11 URL Shortening Services are the most popular right now. However, there are many examples on the web. (Make it, post it, and earn it. Those three things change the publisher’s life. It is a straightforward option to be in this platform), (With it is possible to look up to high rates, on-time payments, and live states.

Also, it has a worldwide presence, and the sign up is free), and Spaste (Spaste brings the opportunity to start a new online business by sharing links, codes, or pastes. This is an excellent idea for beginners. The payment is $6 for every 1.000 views or visitors) are just a few of them.

URL Shortening Services is an idea that improves marketing and advertisements online. Just with a click, a person can start to earn some money. It is a freelance job, so it is very comfortable and easy to do it. Currently, making money online has become a major reference for young people.

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What is the simplest, easiest, and most successful way? The answer for me is: Using an URL Shortening service because a click turns into money.🤑🤑


Which is the best free URL shortener? ›

Top 10 Free URL Shortener in 2023
  • Bitly.
  • Rebrandly.
  • BL.INK.
  • GoLinks.
  • T2M URL Shortener.
  • Lnnkin.
  • Jelly URL.
  • JotURL.

Which URL shortener is safe? ›

Among the numerous services used to shorten inks, some are more reliable than others. The Google and services are among the most secure, though not so much so that you can confidently click them if the source is unknown.

What type of website pays the most? ›

Most Profitable Website Ideas in 2023
  1. eCommerce Website. Starting an online store is one of the most popular ways to make money. ...
  2. Blog. Blogs are excellent for building your brand. ...
  3. Portfolio Website. ...
  4. Membership Website. ...
  5. Dropshipping Website. ...
  6. Product Review Website. ...
  7. Web Hosting Reseller. ...
  8. Podcast Website.

Which website is real for earning? ›

30 Top Earning Websites That Make A Lot Of Money Online
RankWebsiteAnnual Revenue
1Amazon$107 Billion
2Google$74.98 Billion$28 Billion
4Facebook$17.93 Billion
26 more rows

Which is better Bitly or TinyURL? ›

For feature updates and roadmaps, our reviewers preferred the direction of Bitly over TinyURL.

What URL shortener works on Facebook? ›

RocketLink is the #1 Facebook URL Shortener. Shorten the links that you share on Facebook. Use custom domains and create your URL slugs. Custom domain and personalized URL slug will allow you to wrap the URL in your own brand.

What is advanced URL shortener? ›

Advanced URL Shortener. Lets you shorten multiple long URLs in your Google Doc in a click. Digital Thoughtsopen_in_new. Listing updated:March 25, 2022.

What is the best URL? ›

URLs that are simple, easy to read, and include keywords that describe the content on a web page are SEO-friendly. For example, if you're searching for information about pancakes, a URL like will help you decide to click on that link.

What are the risks with TinyURL? ›

Tiny URLs, Big Problems

When TinyURL shortens a long web address, it creates a link in the form of letters and numbers that look nothing like the original. A short link may in fact lead to a scam website or one loaded with spyware, viruses or inappropriate content.

Do link shorteners last forever? ›

Do shortened URLs expire? Some do, and some don't – it depends on the URL shortener service you're using. Some providers claim their shortened URLs don't expire. For example, TinyURL says its shortened URLs will never expire.

What links are safe? ›

Use a website safety checker

To find out if a link is safe, just copy/paste the URL into the search box and hit Enter. Google Safe Browsing's URL checker will test the link and report back on the site's legitimacy and reputation in just seconds. It's that easy to use Google's URL scanner.

How can I make quick cash? ›

20 Ways to Make Quick Cash
  1. Sell unwanted items.
  2. Sell gift cards.
  3. Sell concert tickets.
  4. Ask for a raise.
  5. Borrow money.
  6. Reduce expenses.
  7. Take a survey.
  8. Get a side gig.

What kind of websites are in high demand? ›

  • Start a Personal Website or Blog. Blogs are a popular website idea that has been around for some time and still going strong. ...
  • Build an Online Store. ...
  • Make a Membership Website. ...
  • Sell Online Courses. ...
  • Create a Dropshipping Website. ...
  • Make an Affiliate Website. ...
  • Launch a Fashion Blog. ...
  • Start a Travel Website.
Jan 5, 2023

How to get free cash? ›

Here are the best ways to make free money with little or no effort:
  1. Bursaries, scholarships and grants. ...
  2. Sign-up offers. ...
  3. Money for switching bank or utility supplier. ...
  4. Free money for referring friends. ...
  5. Get a Student Loan refund. ...
  6. Check if you're owed a tax rebate. ...
  7. Earn interest with savings and current accounts.
Dec 12, 2022

Which app gives real money? ›

Compare the Best Money Making Apps
Money-Making AppKey BenefitsHow You Earn Money
OfferUp Best for Selling Old GoodsSimple listing, sell items locally or nationwideSell old or unwanted items
Swagbucks Best for Odd JobsVariety of simple ways to earnBuy products for cashback and complete odd jobs like surveys
4 more rows

Which platform is best for making money? ›

Here is a list of verified ways to earn money online and get paid through MPESA:
  • Jumia Kenya Affiliate Program. Jumia Kenya has an affiliate program where they pay commissions on a weekly basis to your MPESA. ...
  • Upwork. Upwork is a platform where you can offer any freelance service and get paid for it. ...
  • PayPal. ...
  • Other platforms.
Dec 1, 2022

Do people make money from Bitly links? ›

Bitly shortens 600 million links per month, for use in social networking, SMS, and email. Bitly makes money by charging for access to aggregate data created as a result of many people using the shortened URLs.
Type of siteURL shortening, bookmarks
LaunchedSeptember 13, 2009
Current statusActive
7 more rows

Does Google have a URL shortener? ›

Simply visit, sign-in and then create a shortened link by pasting your target URL into the box and clicking the SHORTEN URL button.

What is rebrandly vs Bitly? ›

With Rebrandly links, link data is stored forever. When you create a Bitly link, you're automatically generated a number and letter combination that can only be slightly customized. In Rebrandly, when you connect your own domain, you're able to create and customize slashtag.

Does Bitly cost money now? ›

Bitly price: Very limited Free plan; Basic plan from $29/month (billed annually) with branded domains, more links per month, and support.

Is Bitly hacked? ›

The URL shortening service, Bitly happens to be the latest victim of the hackers.

How do I get a full Facebook URL? ›

To get the link for a Facebook profile, Page, group or event:
  1. Tap and enter the name of the profile, Page, group or event in the search box.
  2. Tap the name of the profile, Page, group or event you're trying to report.
  3. Tap and hold the address bar.
  4. Tap Copy.

Can I make my own URL shortener? ›

You can build a URL shortener with any programming language and database. In this tutorial, we will use HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.

How do I create a big URL shortener? ›

For a Website
  1. Copy the URL that you want to shorten.
  2. Go to
  3. Paste the long URL and click the "Make TinyURL!" button.
  4. The shortened URL will appear. You can now copy and paste it where you need it.

What is better than TinyURL? ›

There are more than 100 alternatives to TinyURL, not only websites but also apps for a variety of platforms, including Self-Hosted solutions, SaaS, Google Chrome and Linux. The best alternative is, which is free. Other great sites and apps similar to TinyURL are Polr,, Catbox and Shlink.

Why is Google Closing URL shortener? ›

So to summarize, Google has discontinued the URL shortener because they wanted to migrate users to Firebase Dynamic Links. The company believes that there are better free alternatives available such as T.LY.

What is a .FUN URL? ›

fun is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) of the Domain Name System used on the Internet. The name is derived from the English word fun.

What are the 3 types of URL? ›

type: It specifies the type of the server in which the file is located. address: It specifies the address or location of the internet server. path: It specifies the location of the file on the internet server.

What are the 10 example of URL? ›

10 Examples of Website URLs
#Website Name
6 more rows
Feb 22, 2022

How much does Linkvertise pay? ›

Highest payout rates

Earn up to 70 $ per 1000 views! - Linkvertise is the best paying link shortening site in German-speaking countries! We do not use popups or annoying layers and still offer top pay!

How many Bitly links are free? ›

Bitly's link management platform gives you 10 monthly links, unlimited link clicks, and a way to organize and categorize your links with our tags feature.

How many links can you make on Bitly? ›

Some of the benefits include the ability to create up to 10 links per month, unlimited link clicks, and customizable back-halves.

Which of the following is the biggest risk when using URL shorteners? ›

The security risk with a shortened URL is you cannot tell where you are going when you click the link, you have to trust the sender. As a result, some organizations teach their employees not to trust shortened URLs, or simply block them at their network gateway. This poses a problem for the OUCH!

What are unsafe URLs? ›

Unsafe domains are external links to websites that could contain phishing, malware, or unwanted software. Phishing: Imitation of another website, designed to trick users into sharing personal or financial information.

Are URL shorteners worth it? ›

URL shorteners are some of the most understated tools in internet marketing. Not only do they clean up long links to ensure an unruly URL isn't upstaging your content, but they also track the results of any landing page, providing you with powerful metrics on the effectiveness of your links.

Does Cuttly expire? ›

How long does a URL last? The short link in does not expire. There is no limit to the lifespan of a short url.

How long is a Bitly link good for? ›

Bitly links never expire. If you use a custom domain to shorten your links they will continue to work as long as your DNS is still pointing at Bitly and the custom domain is attached to a Bitly account. While you can hide links and their analytics from the analytics view, the data will remain in Bitly.

Is Bitly no longer free? ›

Yes, there is a free version of Bitly that can be used to generate up to 100 “” links per month. Bitly's free version includes customizable back-halves, unlimited clicks, app integrations, and link reporting. Do Bitly links expire? No, Bitly links do not expire.

What links are suspicious? ›

The email is asking for personal info. Always be wary of emails from financial institutions, Internet/cell phone service providers or anyone asking you to provide personal info and then provides a link to do so.

What links should you not click on? ›

We always recommend not clicking links found in emails or texts unless you're 100% sure they're safe. But even links sent from sources you may trust can be malicious now that scammers are great at spoofing.

What links should you avoid? ›

Now you can take your knowledge to the next level by learning about 15 specific types of links you must always avoid.
  • Comment Spam. ...
  • Discussion Forum Spam. ...
  • Paid Links That Pass PageRank. ...
  • Excessive Link Exchanges. ...
  • Excessive Guest Post Links. ...
  • Sitewide Links. ...
  • Links Included in Contracts. ...
  • Press Release Links.
Sep 12, 2022

Which is better bit ly or TinyURL? ›

For feature updates and roadmaps, our reviewers preferred the direction of Bitly over TinyURL.

Do people make money from bitly links? ›

Bitly shortens 600 million links per month, for use in social networking, SMS, and email. Bitly makes money by charging for access to aggregate data created as a result of many people using the shortened URLs.
Type of siteURL shortening, bookmarks
LaunchedSeptember 13, 2009
Current statusActive
7 more rows

How can I make $1000 online in one week? ›

How to Make 1000 a Week Online and Offline
  1. Answer Surveys With Survey Junkie.
  2. Start A Blog With Me.
  3. Make Money Teaching Children With Preply.
  4. Refer and Earn $25 With Rakuten.
  5. Make Money Working From Home With FlexJobs.
  6. Collect $25 Sign-Up Bonus With Rakuten.
  7. Sell Your Services On Flexjobs Now.
  8. Be A Content Writer On Flexjobs.

Does Bitly still work? ›

Bitly links never expire. If you use a custom domain to shorten your links they will continue to work as long as your DNS is still pointing at Bitly and the custom domain is attached to a Bitly account.

How long does a TinyURL last? ›

According to the website, the shortened URLs will never expire. TinyURL offers an API which allows applications to automatically create short URLs.

How many links can I create with Bitly for free? ›

Bitly's link management platform gives you 10 monthly links, unlimited link clicks, and a way to organize and categorize your links with our tags feature.

How do you make money by linking websites? ›

How to make money from a website
  1. Affiliate marketing. ...
  2. Use Skimlinks. ...
  3. Add banner adverts. ...
  4. Use text link advertising. ...
  5. Sell to email subscribers. ...
  6. Publish sponsored posts. ...
  7. Review products. ...
  8. Sell digital products.
May 11, 2022

How much is TinyURL worth? ›

If Is Worth $8 Million, TinyURL Is Worth At Least $46 Million.

How can I make money by linking? ›

Companies That Pay You to Share Links
  1. Cash App. Cash App is exactly what it sounds like; it's an app that allows you to send cash to others through a digital platform. ...
  2. InboxDollars. ...
  3. Swagbucks. ...
  4. Rakuten. ...
  5. Robinhood. ...
  6. Amazon.

How can I make $100 fast today online? ›

10 Ways to Make $100 Fast
  1. Become an Uber Eats Driver-partner. ...
  2. Become an Airbnb host. ...
  3. Bank promotions. ...
  4. Sell your stuff. ...
  5. Sell your skills through Fiverr. ...
  6. Walk dogs or pet sit. ...
  7. Sell your designs. ...
  8. Become a Mystery Shopper.

How can I make 200 dollars fast online? ›

How to Make $200 Fast in 24 Hours (1 Day to $200 Cash)
  1. 1 Freelance. There are so many different things that you can freelance and easily learn how to make 200 dollars fast online. ...
  2. 2 Blogging. ...
  3. 3 Affiliate Marketing. ...
  4. 4 Email Marketing. ...
  5. 5 Sell Your Stuff. ...
  6. 6 Tutoring. ...
  7. 7 Grocery Delivery Driver. ...
  8. 8 Drive for Uber or Lyft.
Aug 5, 2022


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